Web is completely progressing towards developing an enormous app store that plays a significant role in web development. Since the day HTML has launched, it has been receiving striking responses from huge numbers clients across worldwide.

We have been using already released versions of HTML for web development. But the question is how efficiently it works while designing a web page or website. The markup languages, we use should absolutely work as per the specific requirements. With existing markups, web developers are struggling to incorporate responsive features that make the website semantic and speedy.

Especially developing high-end web solutions are challenging with HTML5. Custom web development companies demands are gradually increasing towards the improvement of HTML5!

  • Dedicated Libraries
  • Camera Integration
  • Pluggable Pre-processors
  • Pluggable Languages
  • Better Annotation
  • Hardened Authentication
  • More Control over Video Object
  • Stronger Micro-formats
  • Browser-sizing of imagery
  • Guarded Accessing to Contact Information

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